In terms of your fitness, the body and mind work together on two separate planes. Just like most relationships, the bond between your physical and mental state during a workout will have riffs, but also, a harmonious productivity at times. More than likely, in the dumps of your workout–when your mind feels as there is nothing left to give–your body will still have more. In this moment, when your body and mind divorce, your true capacity for pain will be revealed. On the other side of that pain will be your true physical strength, and mental ability to tell the body to toughen up.




When you are struggling with a workout, it can be extremely hard to differentiate between whether the body or mind is bringing you down. Regardless of which it is doesn’t matter; what does, however, is whether you have the ability to coerce yourself to keep going. In order to do so, use your powers of persuasion to talk your mind into making the body do one more squat, two more minutes on the treadmill, or three more pushups. If not, then walk away and try again tomorrow.

In the dark trenches of a tough workout, it is almost guaranteed that negative thoughts are going to pop-up. Whether it’s an unexplained hatred for the person that merely glanced at you while doing deadlifts, or something personal bugging you from earlier in the day, disregarding and subsequently turning those thoughts around, is key to getting through your workout with positivity and without taking someone’s head off.

Positive thoughts most certainty create positive emotions, so when you notice your mental state heading toward Negative Town, flip a U Turn back to Positivity. Instead of thinking that everyone looking at you is meaning disrespect, tell yourself they are admirers, and instead of thinking your body is done, move forward with cautious fervor. The next thing you know, your workout will be over and you will have proved your body/mind wrong.


How do you pick yourself up during a tough workout. Let’s here from you in the comments below… 

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