SURPRISE! My debut novel is available for pre-order

“An incredible story of survival”

I’ve spent the last several years writing my debut novel, Something’s Wrong with Micah—a young adult novel about two teens falling in love and coming to terms with their disabilities. The book is the result of my attempts at finding a traditional publisher for my memoir, and then later, this novel. 

As I wrote in the acknowledgments section, this book wasn’t meant to be, and yet, here it is. The manuscript was rejected by dozens of literary agents and editors. After five years of rejections, I decided to publish the book myself. And even then, some freelance editors rejected it. One suggested that the reason the big publishers didn’t want the book was because it was a story about living with disabilities. This editor thought that books focusing on characters with disabilities shouldn’t exist.

I obviously disagreed, and now here it is. You can pre-order the ebook now. Unfortunately, Amazon KDP doesn’t allow preorders of the paperback, so here’s what I’m thinking:

If we hit 250 preorders of the ebook, I am going to release both the ebook and the print book. Originally, I was going to wait until January to release the book, but why wait? So the sooner we get to 250 preorders, the sooner everyone can begin reading this story that I’ve spent so much of the last several years working on. 

Here is the synopsis:

In the wake of a devastating car accident, sixteen-year-old Micah Hunter’s world begins to unravel. A mysterious illness leaves him unable to pursue the football dreams that he once shared with his father. At the peak of his illness, Micah bumps his wheelchair into Evie Thompson, a headstrong fifteen-year-old living with her own challenges. Coming of age and coming to terms with their disabilities, Micah and Evie find solace and companionship in each other.

As their connection deepens, Evie helps Micah discover the truth about his illness, allowing him to reconnect with his past. But, in doing so, Micah fails to discover Evie’s deteriorating health, which she keeps hidden. When Micah finally realizes the gravity of her situation, he must make the most difficult decision of his life: get Evie the help she needs or respect her wishes and risk losing her forever.



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