Not Another Year-in-Review Post


I’m not usually one for year-in-review posts, but in the final hours of 2023, I just want to say a few quick things. Like so many past years, this has been a bittersweet one.

My health has continued to improve, for which I am so grateful. I have spent more time by the ocean than I have in a decade. I’ve gone on long drives and short outings. I’ve become more autonomous. I’ve found a hobby I love. I’ve published my second book.

But there have also been challenges, lots of them. My health has been far from perfect. I’ve seen people I love suffer. It all reminds me of a quote by author Nina Riggs, “I never stop being amazed by how simultaneously cruel and beautiful this world can be.”

It’s so true. And so, as we step into a new year, I’m left with a feeling not of wanting to escape the previous year but of gratitude for having lived it—all the ups and downs. Here’s to doing it again.



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