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What Do You Know About M.E.?

What Do You Know About M.E.?

Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

M.E. is an abbreviation for myalgic encephalomyelitis, a debilitating multi-system disease. Studies have shown it impairs mitochondria, and more broadly, the body's metabolic processes. Although it is rare, the disease has been fatal, otherwise leaving people bedridden and unable to eat, communicate, or move their body.

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Want to help raise awareness?

Show Me the money shirt

Order your "Show M.E. The Money" or "Ask About M.E." shirts. There are lots of great colors -- I recommend getting the brightest ones so you stand out in public and hopefully people ask about M.E., then you can tell them how we need more research funding. And if you're not up for that, the design has this site's URL on it so onlookers can visit it and educate themselves through the above definition, and my recommended reading.

tell the world . . . or just a friend.

These shirts and hoodies also help my medical expenses.

Ask about me shirt

When I became too sick to talk or chew food in January 2015, I needed help and had no choice but to ask for it. At the time I had $30,000 in savings. That money was gone within a few months. Then, thanks to some lovely people, I was able to pay caregivers to keep me in the fight for a few more months. Now, however, I find myself once again needing help to cover my expenses.

tell the world . . . or just a friend.

Each month my medical and caregiver expenses reach an egregious figure.

And without adequate health insurance or substantial aid from the government, I have to ask for all the help I can get. Here's a breakdown of my monthly expenses:

  • IV Saline ~ $600
  • Nurses and Doctors ~ $2,000
  • Caregivers ~ $2,500
  • Labwork ~$500
  • Medicine and supplements ~ $300
  • Misc. Supplies ~ $200
  • Total monthly expenses: ~$6,100
  • Total annual expenses: ~$73,200


If you are are interested in helping me out beyond ordering a shirt, please first consider yourself. If you are stretched thin financially, please do not give me anything, but do feel free to share this page with some who may help. If you can afford to help, here are three options:


Send funds through PayPal or Venmo username: Jamison-G-Hill

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Feel free to reach out: Jhillzer07 (at) gmail.com

And Lastly!

If you'd like to help the broader cause please consider donating to one of these great MECFS charities:

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