Disability Products (and other stuff I use)

The following is list of products that have made my life easier. It’s a mix of chronic illness and disability items, as well as other stuff that has helped me over the years. I have personally used each of these products, some of which I still use today.

A quick note about the affiliate links in this post: Some of these items are what I (and I suspect most people) would consider expensive. I often fundraised to buy them and did so over several years, so please don’t feel obliigated to buy any of them. And if you need something on this list but can’t afford it, consider fundraising. There are lots of lovely people out there who can help you get what you need.

As for me, I am using the affiliate links in this post to help support myself and my blog. They provide a small percentage of any purchases made using the links. This includes any additional items you buy with the items linked to this post. So if you really want to help out, bundle an item from this post with the rest of your Amazon cart. I would be grateful!

EZ-ACCESS Inflatable Body Washing Basin

Until recently, I was too debilitated to get to the bathroom to shower, so I used this inflatable tub instead. It gave me a little sense of normalcy during tough times when bathing was a struggle. There’s nothing quite like a warm bath or shower, and for a long time, this was the closest thing I had to that.

Forcemech Navigator – All Terrain Folding Electric Wheelchair

This is my current wheelchair. I’ve been using it since 2018. It has a long battery life. The manual says it can go 18 miles on a single charge. I have literally only charged my chair twice in the four years that I have had it. Though I admittedly do not travel far distances (usually just around my house).

Shower Gurney

Besides being a genius invention, this shower gurney is also very versatile. It is made of mostly PVC pipes, which makes it light and easy to fold up. It also comes with a mat made especially for getting wet in the shower. If you are looking for a shower gurney, this one is as good as it gets, in my opinion. (It’s not always available on Amazon though, so you might have to search for it elsewhere or try a different model.)

Medline Transfer Bench for Bathtub

If you’ve read my memoir, then you know that I resisted using any sort of shower chair or aid for a long time. But now I realize that shower chairs are the best. They really are. They make bathing a lot easier. In my case, they mean the difference between taking a shower and having to bathe in bed (see inflatable tub above).

The only tricky part is you have to be careful about the position of your shower curtain, so water doesn’t get all over the floor. But otherwise the chair is great. It has suction cup legs, which make it stable and secure.

Soft Grip Folding Cane

I bought this cane a couple years ago, before I started walking, thinking I would use it as I became more ambulatory. I totally forgot about it until I found it in my closet a few weeks ago and began using it. I have been surprised at helpful it can be. I take it with me when I go outside and don’t have anything to hold onto. It’s also useful to push my door open and shut, so I don’t have to stand up.

18″ Heavy Duty Queen Steel Slat Bed Frame

One of the biggest challenges I’ve faced while walking again is getting the height of my bed right. For years I kept my bed on risers so the top of the mattress was the same height as my hips when I stood up. But recently, I bought a taller platform bed frame that is basically the same height as my old frame was with the risers. This way I don’t have to worry about having my bed on stilts as I’m leaning against it.

Dental Bibs/Lap Cloths

At the risk of stirring up some serious dental trauma, I have to say that these bibs really come in handy. Even though I can walk short distances, I still eat and brush my teeth in bed, two things that can get quite messy. These bibs repel everything from toothpaste to hot sauce. They have also kept me dry during water spills.

P100 Dust Half Mask Respirator 

I got this respirator mask to add a layer of protection during the COVID pandemic. I was impressed by how easy it was to breath with it on compared to the difficulty of breathing with N95 and cloth masks.

RabbitAir MinusA2 Ultra Quiet HEPA Air Purifier

This Rabbit air purifier has been an absolute lifesaver for me during the summer wild fires here in California. You can control the settings through a mobile app, which is very useful if you are bedridden or can’t get up to control the air purifier manually .

Lightweight Dinnerware

These wheat straw plates and bowls incredibly lightweight and virtually indestructible. They feel a lot like they are made of plastic, but they look almost ceramic.

Lightweight Utensils

Like the wheat straw dinnerware, these lightweight utensils are great for people with disabilities who have a hard time using heavy metal utensils. I have used them for years, and while the forks can lose their tines over time (insert smirking emoji), they still hold up pretty well.

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