I Just Ate for the First Time in 18 Months 

I Just Ate for the First Time in 18 Months 

*Please subscribe to my blog below* What's your favorite food? Okay. When was the last time you ate it? Briefly, if you will, imagine going 18 months without that food. Not exactly a monumental feat, but it is certainly less than ideal. In other words, you might get pretty grumpy, but you would survive. Okay, [...]

Supplement Advice With a Grain of Salt

The supplement industry is a billion dollar industry, it's no wonder the average American spends $30 a month on supplements while some dish out hundreds. The source behind this frivaless and at times, completely useless spending are supplement companies and their pipeline of promoters and distributors. It's pretty difficult not to come across an advertisement [...]

Some Things Should be Labeled

Like most complicated things, some people are better at doing them while the rest of us forget, or perhaps just don't care to take part. Let's be honest: when was the last time you looked at a food label? Think about it... How many times a day do you look? Recently, I came across a [...]

Diversity is a Good Thing

These days there are so many diets available. SO MANY! There's Paleo, there's Vegan, there's South Beach, there's Pritikin, there's Raw, how many "there's" are allowed in one sentence? Pretty much any method of consuming calories that one could desire is already designed and available to try. Each methodology has its own set of rules [...]

Why We Eat…

It should be fairly obvious that people eat food largely for taste. I doubt there is anyone that doesn't enjoy sweet, salty, sour or spicy food at least sometimes. Unfortunately, the concept of eating food is incredibly complex, full of conflicting motives. Those who establish taste as their primary motive for eating food are at [...]