Lifestyle Improvements

It seems to me that there are two ways of looking at living a fit-lifestyle. Those that live unhealthy lifestyles usually have some combination of constant drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sedentariness or unhealthy eating in their life. For these people, the first step is to look towards lifestyle improvements and living healthily. This approach has a focus more on making improvements and enjoying them instead of worrying about specifics. This means eating right, but not worrying about caloric intake or doing a triathlon. Hosting a healthy lifestyle is a purpose without regard to calorie consumption or specific training methods. The first priority for those living unhealthily should be to get their life back on track and then get more specific.

You would never seem someone who just healed a broken bone go do The Ironman, so why would an unhealthy individual micro-manage their fitness aspirations? Instead, they should focus on improvements like:

For those that are already living a healthy lifestyle, there is sometimes a discontentment. The decision is whether to continue living a perfectly healthy lifestyle or take it to the next level. Unlike the aforementioned lifestyle improvement, this method is a lot more micro-managed and specific in nature. People that simply want to live healthy, don’t really have to worry about quantity of food as much as those looking to attain specific goals. in other words, if you want to achieve a fitness goal you are going to have to think big, but act small. For instance, if you want to get under 10% body fat, you will have to count your calories among other fitness and nutrition aspects, and do so with healthy healthy foods and exercise. This is difficult and is generally what separates main stream approaches from specific results.

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