Your New Year’s Resolution: More Than Just a Tradition

Ah yes, the yearly routine of making self-improvement promises. It could be to cook more meals at home instead of darting to the fast-food joint every night or maybe to drive less–save the environment and walk or bike for transportation. Perhaps, you are aiming at a grander scale. Maybe you want a new job for the new year. Whatever your New Year’s resolution may be, you must ask yourself the profound question: Will I follow through? 

Sure you will.

No one makes a New Year’s resolution knowing they are not going to follow through. Okay… Maybe some people do, but they give resolutions a bad name. Those who make New Year’s resolutions with premeditated failure in mind, have turned it into a joke, they have taken a tradition of self-betterment and essentially made it “okay” to fail. Its like going on a road trip knowing you’re not going to end up at your destination, perhaps, you will just circle the block and go home. Who does that?

The goal of a New Year’s resolution should be accomplishment. Whether your goal is to be attained in 365 days, like eating only organic foods for a full year or within the first week by simply going for a run, it’s important to take it seriously.

The beginning of a new year, in many ways, is a ceremonial getaway from the mundane and day-to-day grind,but in other ways it symbolizes the last opportunity to make an annual plan of attack. While, some people react just like a headless chicken, you’re going to be different–you’re going to establish a goal, plan exactly how to go at it and you’re going to get after it!

I know, I know. Easier said than done, but no one said accomplishment was easy. Very few things, are easily attained.

The first step, is to pick something. What are you going to improve? Look back at the past year, find something worth improving. It might take a little recon, think about the most common self-improvements.

How’s your diet? What kind of food do you eat?

Do you exercise? How much?

Perhaps, there is something that you have been looking to attain for some time, but for one reason or another it hasn’t happened yet. Rule number one when picking your New Year’s resolution: don’t pick something so lofty you most certainly won’t attain it. In other words, if your goal is to make a six-figure salary and you’re currently working at Subway, pick something else.

Look into the future…

Imagine yourself on a path towards your resolution. See the bumps and hurdles along the way (best believe they will be there), figure how you’re going to deal with and eventually over come them. Have faith you can find and accomplish your New Year’s resolution. If it seems realistic in your head, dive-in head first without any hesitation. Give that goal everything you can, don’t turn it into a joke and I promise you’ll get to where you want to be!

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