Think About Yourself For Once, Will Ya?


In the time that I’ve been sick and stuck within four walls, I have learned and subsequently been surprised, even shocked, by many things. What first comes to mind is who has given me support when I’ve needed it most. People have given me there money and energy when I had neither of the two. 

Many of these people were complete strangers willing to exhibit profound generosity and help someone they had never met. Not only will I never forget these wonderful gestures, the selflessness within them will never fail to amaze me. Recently, I put up a page on Jamison Writes for people to donate to cover some of my ongoing medical expenses. My health insurance covers nearly none of my treatments and my income is nonexistent — a bad combination. 

I’ve been blown away by some of the contributions I have received. I have sporadically gotten checks and online donations for almost two years now. These people, and perhaps you are one of them, have kept my small world afloat and given me the motivation to keep fighting. To me, there is no act of kindness greater, or more intimate, than giving someone the will and means to endure hardship. I am so incredibly grateful for such gifts. 

One wonderful person regularly sends me bags of supplies I need to run my IV. She too is sick and uses an IV but still finds time to send me her extra supplies. Another lovely person, a fellow MECFS suffer, recently bought about a dozen items on my medical supply list and mailed them to me. I felt so humbled to be on the receiving end of such incredible kindness. 

So let me say, to anyone thinking of helping me out in the immediate, please wait! My needs are, unfortunately, not going anywhere anytime soon, and I will do just fine until after the holidays. I wish, instead, for you to use your generosity on your friends and family, not some stranger who writes WAY too much about his sex life while being sick. 

I am tempted to take down my donation page, but it is a good tool for raising awareness for the horrible disease that is MECFS, and also because I have included some charities that serve a much broader audience than one man. 

So on this Giving Tuesday, think about yourself for once, will ya?

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18 thoughts on “Think About Yourself For Once, Will Ya?”

  1. sorry ….i don’t know what you are suffering from …..god you get recovered soon today i join this wordpress …. just know i read your 2 , 3 blogs ……that are beautifully written ……get recovered soon ….good luck ..look’g ahead for your blogs

    1. oh i m ….don’t know what to tell but i will definately not tell yousorry now because uhh don’t need that words …..just now i scrolled about you and all so i came to know about your umm….you are a fighter and i definately know uhh will overcome this tooo ……my best wishes with you ……be a fighter

  2. I was really touched by the idea of strangers being so touched my your story that they donate so selflessly. Great writing and great article. Discovered your blog via the wordpress feed.

  3. Jamison, you are so selfless, and that’s awesome ! Please keep your help me page up! You’re right, even if you don’t need those things right now, it is a page that brings awareness to the needs of people suffering from ME/CFS. My hope for you is that one day you won’t need any of the things on your supply list, and then you can pay it forward to others! (which you are already doing by bringing awareness!)
    Keep smiling my friend !

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