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For the most part, I have made an effort to keep politics off of this blog. I realize there are people who read my writing that voted for Trump, just as there are people who voted for Hillary Clinton. Hell, there’s probably even someone reading this who voted for pornstar, Mary Carey during California’s 2003 Gubernatorial recall election. I voted for none of those candidates. And while I may not have succeeded entirely at keeping this blog free of politics, I am an opinionated person, and I am human, so that’s okay with me. Now that the political landscape is shifting, I want to make a few things clear. The following is spurred mostly by interactions I’ve had on this blog as well as social media.

First, I want to make it clear that disrespect or hate of any kind will not be tolerated by me, even if the person does not deem it to be so. In other words, I will not hesitate to block, delete, or use any method available to combat trolls.

This blog is quite literally my domain, as is my Facebook profile and Twitter account, and all the other social media stuff. It’s silly to take it all so seriously. It is, after all, just a bunch of words on a screen made to look presentable by some otherworldly language that all comes together by thousands of miles of fiber optic cables underground. Okay, yeah, maybe it’s more serious than I thought.

But anyway, I feel this needs to be said in order to set some people straight. In the past, I have had people tell me what I should and should not write about, and more recently, I had someone tell me, during a heated Facebook argument, that I “lack comprehensive reading skills.” The first person was marked as spam, because anyone who tells me what not to write is just that — spam. And the second person, although he was once someone I called a friend, I blocked and deleted on Facebook. It is a bummer that it came to that, but here’s the truth for you: It doesn’t matter how close our relationship is, if you insult me — question my intelligence — I will absolutely cut you off. I have a debilitating disease that makes it incredibly hard to string together coherent sentences (let alone read the garbage this guy was saying). He has no idea. This post — these words I’m writing — is a damn miracle. I couldn’t do this a year ago. And by the way, I’ve had essays published in major publications like Men’s Journal and Quartz, so despite my disability, I think my reading comprehension is just fine. But for him to insult me in such a way is, as far as I’m concerned, on the same level as Donald Trump making fun of a handicapped reporter, which whether you believe he did or did not do on purpose is irrelevant — insulting someone is insulting someone regardless of how you justify it.

For the guy who recently insulted me, I had not heard from him in years — not when I first got sick, not when I was near death — not even a text or email. Yet he did not hesitate to lash out at me on a post which featured an exact quote from Donald Trump — one that was insulting, degrading, and disgustingly lewd. So that person is gone, thankfully. But my greater point is, and I recommend other people who value peace of mind consider it, anyone who does not bring something positive to my life, including my life online, is best dismissed. I cherish different views, and I encourage people to express their opinions with me, but they better be respectful is all I’m saying. 

Let me leave this post with an image. Think of online interactions as visiting someone at his or her home. If I comment on your post, I’m stopping for a cup of tea; if you say something on my post, you are coming over for dinner. Now, I can’t remember a time when I was a guest at someone’s house and I suddenly and belligerently started shouting insults. Well, there were a few drunken times during college, but hey, that was college. Anyway. Let’s keep it classy — stay respectful and all will be well (I hope).

*On a lighter note, we’ve sold 85 “Show M.E. the Money” shirts, which means roughly $400 will be donated to the Blue Ribbon Foundation, with an equal amount used to pay my medical bills. Yay! Now, there’s only TWO DAYS left to buy them and I REALLY want to get to 100. Let’s make it happen!

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  1. Your writing skills are excellent! Good for you blocking that toxic, negative person. He’s not your friend, true friends support each other – you don’t need that kind of “friend”.

    I really like your positivity despite all that you have to endure with your M.E. Keep it up Jamison. It is a long. slow road to improvement and you will slip back often, but if you were to draw a graph of your progress you would be able to see that you have already come a long way.

  2. Thank you for writing this thoughtful (and well-written) post. I too have ME and have had to make some painful choices with regards to friends / acquaintances who could impact my health in a negative way.

    This is my 17th year of being ill and I am finally starting to see some slight increase in my ability to function in the ‘outside’ world. It feels like a miracle – or magic – I’m not sure how to describe the feeling that I am really alive and part of this world again, even in a very small way. I hope for you to continue your slow and steady improvement and wish you only the very best in life, Jamison.

    ps: I always smile when I see a new post in my inbox from you!

  3. One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn is associating with purpose. What does that mean? Well, pretty much what you just said. If a person’s presence in my life is not uplifting, if they seem to exist solely to try to tell me what I should or should not do in order to satisfy *them,* if they are more determined to tear down than build up? Well, I am simply no longer available for that. They can go on and do that somewhere else.

    Thank you for this post.

  4. Lizbeth Glickman

    So well said, Jamison. I always try to treat everyone, including people with whom I have totally opposite views, with respect, even affection as fellow human beings. Sadly, it just doesn’t work all the time. We try.

    Am at a low point in my two-decade battle with M.E. My former athletic body became “muscle-less” the past 2 years. (I know you hear me.) I react badly to “air junk” and the combo caused a heart attack Dec. 27. Four days split between a local hospital and Mass. General were too much. Imagine trying to explain over and over the light sensitivity etc., never mind the hell of not sleeping for someone with M.E. Uh…it was challenging…no, wait, it was way beyond that.

    I think about you, Ryan, and everyone every single day because you are a big factor in my sanity. I have no idea if I will have insurance in three weeks. Hoping so because it has taken that long to find a sane cardiologist for follow up. He’s in the same building as Dr. Anthony Komaroff. I keep hoping I can at least get the chance of meeting someone who knows him to ask him whom exactly would be of help medically. Five and a half years back here in MA and the doctors I have met are scary. The first 2 years I was still pretty much in remission as I had been when planning this move. (Otherwise I wouldn’t have moved.) Two and one-half years totally out of remission and back in the “hole” by myself is beyond words, at least any that I could find.

    Hope you don’t mind me pouring out words here. It’s great to have social media and have met many interesting people passionate about human rights and so on. But no one wants to hear about never mind understand M.E.

    Look forward to reading your blog. Hoping to regain the ability to focus sometime soon, by any miracle possible.



    1. Hi Lizabeth, sorry to hear things haven’t been improving for you. I hope you have a support team in place if you need care. I’ll be thinking about you. Keep in touch. You can always pour out your words here.

  5. right on point, Jamison.—–and we definitely don’t need any negativity right now—–Your conviction and strength are inspiring—seriously.
    Keep on fighting the good fight–

  6. Good morning from Japan, Jamison.

    Even if I am a follower of your blog for a long time, always skipped to add a comment because i really want to hear what you want to say.
    I think people talk too much, and in general, we do not think what we say… and its a modern problem accentuate due the internet 2.0 and so on, with the advantages an disadvantages.

    The human being needs respect.
    Is simple, if it does not exist, human beings who suffer this disrespect are transmuted into horrible things.
    Not everything that people do is respectable, but we have lost sight of respect for the rights and standards of basic education, and so goes the world …

    Thank you for you existence and for you effort.

    A hug


  7. I’m a Trump supporter, and I will probably agree more with the person that insulted you on many things, but not on the fact that you can’t read or write, because you can! I think you are smart and a clever writer, I just wish I could read more of it. But the ME….

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