What’s a Little [exercise] Uncertainty?

Much of exercise is very uncertain, but there is comfort to be found in the unknown. We do our best to keep tabs on everything from calories to cadence on our favorite cardio device. I will be the first to admit, having a measure of your progress made during exercise is invaluable. If you were barely able to run a mile without stopping three months ago, now you’re storming through three like some four-legged graceful creature coasting over the African Plains, there is no substitute for measuring that progression.


With that acknowledgement, it’s also important to detach yourself from time to time. DON”T MEASURE, JUST SWEAT. It’s like using your cell phone–it’s use is invaluable, but ditching it for an afternoon can feel conspicuously liberating.


Next time, you find yourself caught up in a barrage of miles to run or pounds to lose, just forget it all. Go do what you know how to do–run, jump, bike, lift, climb, etc. You may just find the refreshment needed to run those miles or lose those pounds.

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