Diversity is a Good Thing

These days there are so many diets available. SO MANY! There’s Paleo, there’s Vegan, there’s South Beach, there’s Pritikin, there’s Raw, how many “there’s” are allowed in one sentence? Pretty much any method of consuming calories that one could desire is already designed and available to try. Each methodology has its own set of rules and boasts to be the best. Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything else. A diet without rules or claims would likely be a flop.

The truth is, however, there are so many diet options available simply because they all work. A particular diet may not have worked for you, but surely any mainstream diet worked for someone and likely continues to do so. Whether you eat carbs and no fat, fat and no carbs, meat and no gluten, or gluten and no meat, respect the diversity of diets. Just because a certain way of eating works for you, doesn’t mean it will for someone else. We all have different taste-buds, capabilities of acquiring tastes and perhaps most importantly, different body chemistries.

One of the biggest diet conscious travesties is when someone gets a little too preachy about their nutritional beliefs. For some people, eating becomes religious and quite honestly it’s not such a bad thing. However, when they feel the need to push that religious mentality on others it unquestionably crosses the line. It’s annoying and pretty darn unattractive. Let’s celebrate the diversity of food available to us. Find your Optimal eating methodology, but let others have theirs as well!

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