5 Things to Distract You From Politics


October 2016, or any month prior to the election for that matter, seems like such a peaceful and progressive time in our nation compared to the chaos of today. It was a time without a demagogic leader signing executive orders that go against the principles of our Constitution. It was a time when there was an abundance of headlines that didn’t have the name “Trump” in them. It was a time when mass protest was not a weekly, or perhaps even daily occurrence, as it has been since the election. 

Last week, in an odd moment of self-awareness, I could not honestly remember the last time I read a non-political article. I had a vague idea — before the election most likely, but the exact date was foggy at best. 

My point is not that my memory is crap (which it is, thanks ME/CFS), but that the media is flooded with political stories, and the name Trump. 

I’ve noticed several people on social media making an effort to break up the monotony of political posts with some lighthearted, or at least non-political, posts. I think it’s a great idea. So here is my contribution: 5 posts to distract you from politics ….

  1. I’ve always wondered if someone would come up with an effective method of desalinating salt water and now it seems like a high schooler in Portland has done just that. The article doesn’t go into specifics about the science behind the teen’s cost-effective methods performed in a high school science lab, but it does list a number of awards he has won from the likes of MIT. 
  2. Okay, I’m trying really hard not to be cynical about the woman who got a snake stuck in her ear. She says the snake got caught in her earlobe by accident, but I feel like any lucid person would notice if a snake was slithering in their ear gauge. But if you read the article, it is apparent she was concerned for the snake’s well-being. Perhaps I am not enough of a snake lover, okay no you’re right, I’m definitely not enough of a snake lover to worry about it’s well-being more than it splitting my earlobe. Ouch!
  3. If you were like me as a child then perhaps you are familiar with the “Frog and Toad” children’s books. This article focuses on the author and how he wrote the books. His daughter suggests that the books’s popularity has something to do with the same-sex relationship of Frog and Toad, which was likely a reflection, at least in some way, of the author’s homosexuality. 
  4. Anthony Bourdain is one of those celebrities whom I would probably butt heads with in person, but the thought of being buddies with him is still very appealing. I would love to travel and eat lots of exotic foods with someone like him, but he complains a lot, mostly about people, especially vegetarians (I’m a vegetarian). Anyway. President Obama got to hang out with him and eat some traditional Vietnamese food. The New Yorker did a great write-up on it. Just to be clear, lunch with Boutdain and Obama sounds like a dream, I’d even eat meat for the opportunity. 
  5. I love figs, and if you do too, well, perhaps you should not read this article. It very well may freak you out, but if you’re naturally curious and don’t have the foresight or aren’t able to contain your curiosity, then dive in, but be prepared to learn about how many wasp mummies you’ve eaten in your life. 

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    15 thoughts on “5 Things to Distract You From Politics”

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    2. Thanks for the more lighthearted topics! I could use a break from politics too, since I had one of those, screw everything days. They all seem intriguing and between my daughter’s odd obsession and love for snakes, and my love for both frog & toad books & figs, I have to read more!

    3. Yes, we do need distracting. Admittedly, I begin my computer time by reading up on the latest awful thing Trump has done, usually with my jaws wide open and my eyes popping – it seems that I get most of my exercise these days from shaking my head in disbelief.

    4. Love your posts! Keep moving forward!
      Question for you…I’ve seen you and many others post about just being mildly sick w/M/E for 2 years or so and then getting significantly worse. My daughter hit 2 years in Jan. She was a Level 9 competitive gymnast (13 at the time), got some cold bug and has been fatigued ever since, but she can go to school (straight A student) do mild yoga 2-3 times/wk and just goes to bed by 9:00PM every night. Basically no one can figure out what is wrong and she doesn’t have classic crashes that I’ve read about. We ended up at the Stanford Chronic Fatigue Clinic and they diagnosed her but can’t really do anything to help (she took anti-virals for 3 months but it made no difference). She just can’t do any cardio, even a fast walk and she has to slow down. Anyway, my question…she has decided to try diving at school and they have said they will be flexible w/training and she can do as much or as little as she can, but I know her and she will push herself and what I am afraid of is that she will really crash and end up worse than she is. Did you do something around that 2 year mark that you feel pushed your body? I sense from her a bit of feeling like I’m tired of always being sick so I’ll show you body? Anyway, that is it. Sorry for the long post and many healing thoughts your way.

      1. Hi Sherri. Thanks are legitimate concerns, but first let me say how incredibly fortunate your daughter is to having such a caring and understanding mom. I too have great support, but many people with this disease don’t.

        Unfortunately there is not clear cut answer. I would recommend trying more treatments. I have been on antivirals a year and it’s not obvious whether they help but I think they do. I would recommend trying IV saline if she has low blood pressure or gets dizzy and out of breath easily. Also B13 shots. There are many other treatments that work but that’s what has worked for me.

        As for her activities, that is such a tough choice. I chose to live life on my terms while I was sick, which meant still exercising and working full time. It eventually made me much worse, but that doesn’t mean that will happen to her. There’s no way to tell for sure, but if I could do it over again I wouldn’t change a thing because living on my own terms is that important to me.

        I think it’s best if she can find a middle ground where she can still do things but also gets rest and is gentle with herself. Stay within her energy envelope. Hope that helps!

        1. It helps more than you know. Your whole blog does in helping me navigate some of what she is feeling. Plus, I so agree with living life on your terms. She has an amazing spirit just like you do! Much peace to you!

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