Where is Your Food From?

I was at Oliver's Market the other day. A strong proponent for local agriculture, the soul of their company is creating relationships with local farmers and vendors. On this day, I was talking to one of the butchers about the growing local food movement. We discussed how it's pretty cool to know where you're food [...]

Lifestyle Improvements

It seems to me that there are two ways of looking at living a fit-lifestyle. Those that live unhealthy lifestyles usually have some combination of constant drugs, alcohol, tobacco, sedentariness or unhealthy eating in their life. For these people, the first step is to look towards lifestyle improvements and living healthily. This approach has a [...]

5 Simple Ways to Lose Weight But Not Your Diet!

The term “weight loss” is often associated with terms like “calorie restriction” or “diet.” BUT what if you could suddenly associate weight loss with positives like “success” or “accomplished?” Weight-loss really is a mental game that you can dominate. Weight loss is all about your approach and perspective. One of the best ways to be [...]