Almost Standing 

The process of becoming ambulatory again is one I’ve known would be difficult since I first became bedridden in January 2015. So much so, I’ve made sure not to become attached to forward progress. I knew it would be such a grueling and tedious process, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it. Honestly I was and still am prepared to fail. And this is coming from a former personal trainer and bodybuilder who told people everyday that failing is not an option. 

Well, let me just say, it doesn’t matter whether you think failing is an option, because it absolutely is an option, sometimes it’s the only option. Not considering failing as an option is not considering reality, which is fine, but just be prepared to be surprised when life throws a wicked curveball at you and you actually do fail. 

That being said, I have never been afraid to fail and certainly have never let it stop me from moving forward. The wonderful part about this thinking is it often sets you up to succeed, and when you are successful, it is amazing how much easier it can be. 

In my case, progressing toward standing and getting out of bed again has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever done — harder than deadlifting three times my body weight. If not because of the unimaginably slow recovery process, then because of the harsh psychological aspects. The mind games one plays while trying to go from bedridden and completely horizontal to standing are ruthless. But if you let your better judgement prevail (assuming you have better judgement) then progress will usually come. It may take a ridiculously long time, but moments like this can happen….

(Please igonore my puffy face, hydrocortisone is a wicked drug)


So now is the time I ask for your input. I know I must find my way to becoming ambulatory again, but I always like to get advice and input from other people, especially those with ME/CFS. So please leave a comment below if you have any experience with transitioning out of bed. 

And if you have any advice or recommendations about wheelchairs please mention that as well. Because I still have a lot of orthostatic intolerance I think I will need a wheelchair that reclines, at least at first. Also, my bed is on risers, I think it’s almost 3 feet tall, so I need to figure out how to transfer myself into a wheelchair without injuring myself or using too much energy. 

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