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How to Become Ambidextrous 

“It was a shock to have my life interrupted by a very real health problem. I’ve always taken great care of myself and I was pretty sure that was supposed to count for something.” -Tippi Hedren I’ve always been a righty. When I played baseball in high school, I batted and threw right handed. I always used my right hand

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Want A Sexy PICC? 

Did I scare you? Sorry. Despite what the title of this post suggests and based on some of my more explicit stories, you may have thought, “Oh boy, this guy is gonna post a photo of his junk for the entire Internet to see.” If you did think such a thing, well, I guess I’m curious why you’re reading this

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You, Talkin’ To M.E.?

I had visitors this past weekend. It was the first time in months that someone from out-of-town has visited me, and despite what some of my other posts may suggest, it was certainly the most active I’ve been while being bedridden.  Stephanie Land, a wonderful writer and friend who works with the Blue Ribbon Foundation, came all the way from

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