You, ME and CBT

I remember when a doctor of mine suggested I incorporate cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and graded exercise therapy (GET) into my treatment plan. She might as well have said, "Hey Jamison, I'd like you to try smoking cigarettes to treat your symptoms. Start slow, maybe a few a day, but your long-term goal should be... Continue Reading →

Show M.E. The Money

Tuesday was a bittersweet day. I felt the hype yet I was hundreds of miles away from the excitement. Masses of protesters gathered in 25 cities all over the world and many, many more took to social media. From a distance I could tell all of the protesters brought something unique to the day's events.... Continue Reading →

An Abundance Of Eyewear 

  Please subscribe to my blog below It's fair to say most people know, or can at least imagine, that constantly going without exposure to sunlight can adversely alter one's mental state. Well, I'll tell you, it's definitely true. Constantly living in the dark can absolutely jeopardize one's mental health, if not completely destroy it.... Continue Reading →

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